Frankie J Holden’s ‘What’s Up Downunder’ Visits Phillip Island Winery

FRANKIE J HOLDEN might not have been ‘looking for an echo’ when he and crew from What’s Up Downunder visited the Phillip Island Winery, but that’s what he found.

When producer Col Parrot contacted us to do a feature segment of the show at the winery, we thought about it for a nano-second, possibly less… who’s going to look publicity like that in the eye?

He also asked us if we could ‘ambush’ Frankie J with an Old ’55 song. So, after the obligatory chat about the wines and a bit of a look at the vineyard, we launched into “Looking for an echo” over the meal. (Might not have been the best rendition Frankie has heard this month but the sing-along went for an hour or two afterwards.)

It’s an interesting show – What’s Up Downunder. It’s got a really good focus on things to do with the whole family when travelling, and Frankie and Michelle give it an easy-going and genuine warmth. It’s on Channel 7 on Saturday afternoons.

Phillip Island and its attractions gets a two-week feature; we had a terrific time with Frankie, Michelle, Georgia, Col, Warren, Andrea, the crew and kids at the winery. (Dunno whether we made much sense; you can check the segment out on this link to the show.