Black Comedy: A Double Bill Of Murder

THE SECOND SEASON in our series of radio plays, presented in conjunction with Phillip Island’s Offshore Theatre, brought a double-bill of murder to the Phillip Island Winery.

To full houses over six nights, Offshore Theatre presented two ’black comedy’ radio plays, each with a twist to intrigue and entertain.

Directed by Stephanie Daniel, who also directed and adapted the summer season of Blithe Spirit, the first of the two features was set in gangland Chicago; the other, ‘Only a Rose’, brought mayhem and murder to a gardening club.

With local actors, Nina, Simon, Julie and Babs in the lead roles, and Pip Cleeland on sound effects, it was old time ‘steam driven radio’ at the winery – lots of fun, and with everyone close to the action.

With a wintery May blast outside, guests to our snug cellar door enjoyed a hot crock-pot chunky beef pie, spinach and ricotta rolls, delicious Gippsland cheeses and salads, and tea and coffee with homemade shortbreads, fruitcake and Turkish delights.

Watch for our next season of radio-play theatre. We’re planning on a spring season.